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3.4 - 3.6 GHz / 5 Watt HPA for WLL

September 17, 2001 5:25 am | Comments

The BBM3436HJ (SKU # 5002) was designed for wireless Internet access applications using 16 QAM modulation, also suitable for any linear and digital modulation applications in the new WLL frequency range. This amplifier utilizes linear GaAsFET power devices that provide excellent linearity, low distortion, high gain, and wide dynamic range....

Bluetooth Antenna with 3dBi Gain

September 4, 2001 4:52 am | Comments

Korean manufacturer AMOTECH has developed small surface mountable ceramic antennas with 3 dBi gain for use in Bluetooth and other 2.4 GHz applications where small size and low weight are key factors. AMOTECH provides 3 kinds of antennas with different dimensions: 8 × 8 × 3 mm, 6 × 4 × 3 mm und 6 × 4 × 2 mm....

SMT Modular Jack With Grounding Tabs

September 4, 2001 4:52 am | Comments

Kycon's latest surface mount modular jack features a SMT shield with top and side ground tabs for better conductivity, panel grounding and EMI/RFI protection. The new low profile RJ45 measures 12.30 mm (0.484 inches) in height and is intended for networking and telecom/datacom applications, such as NICs, hubs, and DSL/cable modems....



September 4, 2001 4:52 am | Comments

Times Microwave Systems has just made available a new CD-ROM featuring the complete versions of all the Times coax cable, connector and assembly catalogs. The CD-ROM contains the LMR® Wireless Catalog, the LMR®-LLPL Plenum Cable Catalog, the Complete Coaxial Cable Catalog & Handbook (TL-14) and the Coaxial Cable Assemblies Products & Capabilities handbook featuring Times' high performance Miltech cables....

6.3 WATT Amplifier

September 4, 2001 4:52 am | Comments

MSI Model MSH-4716803-TC delivers 38 dBm (6.3 W) of Power, an IP3 of 49 dBm & 2nd Harmonics below -40 dBc Typ. These amplifiers are an excellent choice for point and point to multipoint systems at 3.4 to 3.6 GHz. They include a temperature compensation circuit, which has a ± 1.5 gain window....

X Band Amplifier

September 4, 2001 4:52 am | Comments

Aethercomm P/N SSPA 7.1-7.3-10 is a High Power X Band SSPA used in the DSCC Exciter-Transmitter Subsystem. It is used as a TWT driver amplifier. It offers exceptional gain flatness across the band with very high gain. The internal DC-DC converter is extremely well regulated ensuring outstanding phase noise properties....

High Power Dual Band Diplexer

September 4, 2001 4:52 am | Comments

This miniature cavity diplexer accepts high power 900 MHz GSM and 1.8 GHz DCS signals. Model W9190D eliminates the need for two tower feed cables at the base station. Covering the full DCS and GSM bands with < 0.3 dB of insertion loss, with enhanced isolation > 65 dB between bands. Return loss is better than -17 dB all ports....

Dual Band Diplexer

September 4, 2001 4:52 am | Comments

This low cost miniature cavity diplexer accepts 900 MHz GSM and 1.8 GHz DCS signals. Model W9180DE eliminates the need for two tower feed cables at the base station. Covering the full DCS and GSM Bands with < 0.3 dB of insertion loss with between bands isolation > 65 dB. Return loss is > -18 dB all ports....


SMD Optocoupler Series

September 4, 2001 4:52 am | Comments

Two new series of SMD optocouplers that provide reinforced isolation in a 2-mm high package — one of the industry's thinnest for the device type — have been announced by Vishay Intertechnology. The new Vishay Telefunken devices consist of a phototransistor optically coupled to a gallium arsenide infrared-emitting diode....

LED Indicators

September 4, 2001 4:52 am | Comments

Lumex is announcing a new addition to its line of rear of panel mountable LED indicators: the SSI-RM3091 series. These smaller devices are designed for mounting holes 0.200 inches (5.08 mm) in diameter, on panels up to 0.06 inches (1.50 mm) in thickness. Like all of Lumex's rear of panel LED indicators, these new compact indicators are installed simply by pushing them from the rear side of the panel....


September 4, 2001 4:52 am | Comments

Siliconix Incorporated, a subsidiary of Vishay Intertechnology announced that it is shipping a new series of LITTLE FOOT® SC-70 power MOSFETs for which thermal resistance has been reduced to the lowest level ever achieved for this package type. The first thermally enhanced SC-70 power MOSFETs on the market offer package thermal resistance of 35 ° C/W for single-channel devices and 80° C/W for dual-channel devices, a respective ...

Compact Narrowband Cavity Filters

September 4, 2001 4:52 am | Comments

K&L now offers narrowband cavity filters up to 40 GHz with both high "Q" and low "Q" designs. The traditional high "Q" designs provide users with low insertion loss solutions to their filtering needs. The low "Q" designs can be provided in extremely small packages....

Maintain Your Marketing During Hard Times

August 31, 2001 4:30 am | Comments

By Chris Burke, president, BtB Marketing Communications "The time to put the pedal to the metal is when everyone is hunkering down...this is a chance to widen the gap...we just breathe in our blood everyday, now's the time to change the game." Jack Welch, CEO General Electric. 1 During economic hard times, when profits are slipping and stock prices are dropping, drastic measures are often required to preserve the bottom l...

System on Chip Integration Using a True Silicon on Insulator Process

August 30, 2001 10:34 am | Comments

Silicon on Sapphire has a unique ability to integrate the elements of a wireless system on a chip solution. By John McCarthy, Peregrine Semiconductor Rapid growth and increasing complexity of portable communications applications are forcing miniaturization of the whole system and reduction in total power consumption....

Open Switch Fabric Technology for Wireless Communication Equipment

August 30, 2001 10:34 am | Comments

A building block that must be put in place to support the advent of multimedia high speed Internet access and VoIP capabilities has specific requirements. By Tim Miller, StarGen, Inc. The infrastructure of the worldwide wireless network is in flux. The 3G wireless promise of media rich wireless voice, video and data services delivered seamlessly to the mobile subscriber is compelling....


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