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Affordable RF Modules Boast Programmable Output Power and Data Rate

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 6:52am


Lemos International has launched a new line of affordable low-power 2.4GHz radios. The LMX-ISM-242 series of 2.4GHz data radios are available in DIP and SMD configurations. A long range version, the LMX-ISM-242-LR is also available.

All of the LMX-ISM-242 radios operate in the 2.40GHz-2.4835GHz segment of the license free Industrial Scientific and Medical band. All members of the LMX-ISM-242 family feature programmable output power and data rate.  Low voltage operation between 1.9 and 3.6 volts allows the LMX-ISM-242 data radios to easily fit in any embedded application. Configuration information and payload data are passed to and from the LMX-ISM-242 radio via an industry standard 8MHz 4-wire SPI interface.

The LMX-ISM-242 line is supported by the LMX-ISM-242 Development Kit, which includes hardware and firmware support for the all of the LMX-ISM-242 variants. The LMX-ISM-242 Development Kit comes loaded with LMX-ISM-242 driver and demo code to get your project up and operational in the shortest amount of time. The Lemos dev kit is also equipped with a real time clock with alarm. This allows the user to simulate a low-power node that reports at a scheduled time right out of the box.

Lemos International also offers a programmable LMX-ISM-242 data radio module that consists of either a standard LMX-ISM-242 or LMX-ISM-242-LR data radio under the control of a powerful microcontroller.

The LMX-ISM-242 family’s small form factor makes any LMX-ISM-242 data radio a perfect fit for the following applications:

  • ·         Scientific Telemetry
  • ·         Building Security
  • ·         Remote Monitoring
  • ·         Remote Control
  • ·         Home Automation
  • ·         Consumer Electronics

The LMX-ISM-242 series and the LMX-ISM-242 Development Kit are available now.

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November 06, 2012


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