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Intuitive Solid/Surface Modeler Cuts Design Time for iRadio by One Third

October 15, 2001 4:35 am | Comments

Ashlar Incorporated An easy-to-use solid modeler with tightly integrated surface modeling capabilities enabled Prisma Design International to model a prototype of the iRadio in 50 hours, about 25 hours faster than if a traditional CAD program had been used. Using the integrated modeling tools within Vellum Solids from Ashlar Inc....

PCI/VME Gasket

October 15, 2001 4:34 am | Comments

Leader Tech's new gasket allows designers to dramatically minimize loads and reduce the mounting footprint necessary in current applications. Leader Tech has introduced the smallest, lowest compression force Beryllium Copper EMI shielding gasket, ideally designed for today's high cycling and high frequency Compact PCI & VME multi-card applications....

RF Engineering Software

October 15, 2001 4:34 am | Comments

The new Version 4.4 of the Terrain Analysis Package (TAP) for Windows 9x/NT(4.0)/W2 K has been released by SoftWright LLC, Aurora, Colorado. This RF design software consists of twenty-four modules that, when combined together, are the tools that bring a broad capability of RF system design to your personal computer....


High-Intensity LED Displays

October 15, 2001 4:34 am | Comments

A new series of high-intensity, single-digit, seven-segment displays that sets a new standard for visibility in low-current LED devices has been announced by Vishay Intertechnology. The new Vishay Telefunken TDSR1350 and TDSR1360, first in the series, will be used in panel meters, test and measure equipment, POS terminals, telecom devices, home appliances, control units, battery-operated instruments and other applications where high reada...

Packaged Transceiver

October 15, 2001 4:34 am | Comments

AeroComm Inc., the leading innovator of instant wireless solutions, today unveiled its ConnexLink packaged transceiver. The plug-and-play device can be set up in minutes to virtually "cut the cables" between standard RS232 devices. Its flexibility and price (less than $250 per unit) allow users to quickly upgrade their wired terminals to cordless operation in commercial, industrial and residential applications....


October 15, 2001 4:34 am | Comments

A new facility for custom windings of prototypes and short production runs has been opened by Frontier Electronics. Custom windings are available for bobbins, axial leads, radial leads, drum chokes, e-core assembly, lamination, transformer assembly, special coatings, toroids and pot core assembly....

IF Matrix

October 15, 2001 4:34 am | Comments

The Model 13098 200 MHz IF Switching Matrix is 128 in and 128 out. It covers the important IF bands of 70 ± 20 MHz and 160 ± 40 MHz. Features include 3 stage architecture with auto routing, non-blocking, full fanout, high isolation: 60 dB @ 200 MHz, low crosstalk, solid state contacts, RS-232/IEEE-488 interface plus keypad control, switchpoint status feedback, redundant signal paths, redundant power supplies and rack mount design....

Conduit System

October 15, 2001 4:34 am | Comments

Electri-Flex Company meets the need for a very lightweight, liquidtight and flexible raceway with its unique Corrlok® nylon corrugated conduit system. This nonmetallic conduit system is offered as a complete system with fittings, adapters and hardware. Featuring self-extinguishing, halogen-free nylon with a UL94V-0 rating....


Pushbutton Switch

October 15, 2001 4:34 am | Comments

Electro-Mech Components, Inc. has introduced the SW44158 Hall-Effect Pushbutton switch. Featuring hall-effect integrated circuitry, the SW44158 provides reliable performance and long service life in a compact size to meet a wide variety of small form factor requirements. Designed with a SPST or 2PST momentary illuminated switch, the SW44158 is suitable for virtually any high volume front panel switching application including industrial/av...

Mobile Phone Inspection: Catching Defects Eariler

October 8, 2001 8:00 am | Comments

Evan Lubofsky, Cognex Corporation During the past several years, there has been an increasing trend in mobile phone manufacturing toward the use of machine vision technology for 100% automated inspection. Machine vision is used to perform a number of operations including inspecting LCD displays for single pixel defects, verifying the correct placement of keypads, gaskets, and other components, automatically reading bar code labels for p...

After Conquering Retail, Thermal Printers Moving into Handheld Market

October 8, 2001 7:33 am | Comments

Rohm Electronics Having largely captured the bulk of the custom retail and industrial printer market, thermal printers are making a big play for the handheld market. Thermal printers now dominate the fax, point-of-sale, bar-code, label and ticket markets because of their low-cost, excellent print quality, lack of noise and ease of integration....

New Power MOSFET Series

October 8, 2001 4:27 am | Comments

Siliconix incorporated a subsidiary of Vishay Intertechnology announced the release of the first ESD-protected devices in its lead-less ChipFET™ power MOSFET series. The new p-channel devices, which occupy a footprint measuring 3.05 by 1.80 mm, provide an extra measure of protection when used to switch power in systems with attachable/detachable accessories such as SIM cards, Bluetooth adapters, IrDA adapters, MP3 adapters, and cable co...

CompactPCI System

October 8, 2001 4:27 am | Comments

Pentair Electronic Packaging has introduced the Schroff Pro Series 9U 8-slot CompactPCI NEBS-ready system, ideal for high availability telecom applications. The new Pro Series system is fully compatible with IEEE 1101.10, 1101.11 and CompactPCI. The system accepts eight 6 U × 160 mm cards, in addition to an 8HP CPU, from the front and eight 6 U × 80 mm rear transition cards....

AC/DC Power Supply

October 8, 2001 4:27 am | Comments

Absopulse Electronics has released the MOC 2000, a high performance, multiple output, configurable power supply system. The MOC2000 Series was designed to accommodate a variety of power supply modules in a 2U × 19 inches× 16 inches chassis, and can be configured for as many as 10 outputs....

Wireless Handset Platform

October 8, 2001 4:27 am | Comments

Agere Systems announced a complete platform solution for wireless handsets that nearly quadruples Internet data rates, reduces electronics components by nearly 50 percent, and accelerates time-to-market for wireless handsets by up to one year compared with wireless handset platforms currently offered....


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