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Thin and Thick Film Resistive Products Optimized for Maximum Power Handling and Low VSWR

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 6:53am
Posted Janine E. Mooney, Editor
AVX Corporation has developed a series of thin and thick film resistive products optimized for maximum power handling and low voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR).  The series, which includes high-power resistors, terminations, and attenuators, features power handling from 4W to 800W, and is available in a variety of sizes and termination styles, including flange, leaded, and surface mount.  Processed using thin film (sputter) technology to guarantee consistent quality, AVX Corporation’s new, high-power resistive product series is ideal for markets with several high-power and high frequency applications, including wireless infrastructure and telecommunications, broadcasting, medical diagnostic, semiconductor manufacturing, and military and aerospace equipment. 
“AVX’s high-power rated resistive products have been tested and manufactured to ensure consistent performance, reliability, and durability,” said Chris Reynolds, product manager at AVX.  “Built to exceed customers’ expectations, our new resistive products are well-suited for a broad range of applications including dummy loads, matching units and improving isolation between ports in power divider and combiner designs, improving power handling and lowering VSWR in couplers, and saving space with improved matching and power dissipation in microwave integrated circuits (MIC).”
The new, high-power resistive product series has undergone rigorous product qualification testing (per MIL PRF55342) and is ROHS compliant.  The resistors in the series provide consistent values ranging from 10 to 200 Ohms (standard is 50 Ohms and 100 Ohms; consult factory for higher resistance custom designs).  Additionally, the series includes several BeO-free resistors, terminations, and attenuators, which feature advanced 100% thin film process, aluminum nitride substrates and a power rating of 4W to 250W.
Pricing for the new resistive product series varies depending on rating and quantity, and the average lead-time is eight to nine weeks.
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May 29, 2012


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