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Vyatta Introduces Industry’s First Software Forwarding Plane for Datacenter Scale

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 5:55am

Vyatta vPlane™ technology delivers new class of speed and scalability for virtual environments

Vyatta has introduced Vyatta vPlane™ technology, a highly scalable forwarding plane for next-generation enterprise and cloud network designs. 

Delivering a combination of extraordinary speed and flexible deployment models, Vyatta vPlane's fast-path architecture is poised to radically improve the cost and capabilities of networks for virtualized datacenters.

"With the introduction of vPlane technology, Vyatta is delivering a next-generation distributed software networking environment that is capable of an order of magnitude better performance than our previous generation software on the same off-the-shelf hardware," said Robert Bays, CTO of Vyatta. "In leveraging the vPlane technology in our product roadmap, Vyatta will deliver exciting new solutions that enable virtualized datacenters to handle rapidly-growing, complex traffic problems."

The migration of mission-critical enterprise applications to virtualized environments is producing a perfect storm of networking challenges. The resulting application density and multi-tenancy environments are creating traffic patterns that traditional Layer 3 infrastructure is ill-equipped to address due to inflexibility, cost and throughput limitations.

Leveraging the new fast-path architecture on an Intel Westmere-class system, Vyatta vPlane is capable of delivering more than 8 million packets per second per core1, more than a 10x improvement over Vyatta without vPlane. Additionally, since vPlane scales linearly with the addition of cores, an entire Westmere system can deliver 35 million packets per second in only a single rack-unit of datacenter space.

The benefits of vPlane technology are many, including:

  • Packet throughput matching the new era of 10Gb/s virtualized servers
  • Physical decoupling of software forwarding plane from control plane
  • Full interoperability with existing network infrastructure
  • Ability to accommodate new and emerging standards such as OpenFlow

"Vyatta continues to reaffirm its position at the leading edge of the virtualization explosion that is shaping the evolution of networking," said Kelly Herrell, CEO of Vyatta. "Vyatta's vPlane technology represents a giant leap forward in the continued progression of virtual networks toward software-defined networking."

The first Vyatta products to take advantage of vPlane technology are in testing today and expected to be available later this year.

For more information on Vyatta vPlane technology, visit: For more information about Vyatta, please visit

1 Performance figures are based on lab tests using Intel Westmere technology. Vyatta vPlane can run on most Intel CPUs and Intel NICs.  Packet throughput is for L2/L3 forwarding on 64-byte packets.


Posted by Ron M. Seidel, Editorial Intern

April 18, 2012


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