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Connectors Tout Desirable Contact and Cleaning

Fri, 03/09/2012 - 5:06am


micro miniature connectorsMolex Incorporated introduced SlimStack B8 connectors, featuring a robust housing and unique CleanPoint contact for removing flux and other contaminants to provide desirable electrical reliability. These 0.40-mm pitch SMT board-to-board connectors, with a 0.80-mm height and ultra-narrow 2.50-mm width are appropriate in high end medical, consumer electronics, data/telecom and mobile device applications. The patent pending CleanPoint contact design features a bevelled shape for a wider, more uniform cleaning path and a more stable signal than other connectors for mobile applications, according to the company. The contact and redundant dual-contact terminal help to ensure a secure contact and to avoid drop-shock continuity in the event of falls or rough handling. The SlimStack B8 assembly method, including a top housing-wall (stopper) design with a rugged metal cover, effectively protects the terminal from damage due to “zippering” or forcible angled unmating. The metal cover-nail protects the housing from damage during angled unmating or blind mating. Reliable mechanical features enable easy use, such as a tactile click when mating and strong retention forces for further contact stability.

Molex Incorporated

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