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Voltage Comparator Touts Fast Response Time, Low Current Consumption

Fri, 12/02/2011 - 7:46am
voltage comparatorSTMicroelectronics introduced a high-speed voltage comparator with what it asserts is the market’s best ratio of current consumption to response time. This high-speed voltage comparator addresses applications where fast response time is critical, such as in data communications equipment. When a noise occurs in the signal, for example, minimized delay helps ensure instant data recovery and thus maintain failure-free communication traffic flow. Fast-response comparators can also find use in pulse-width modulation for audio amplifiers or as output buffers in oscilloscopes and analog-to-digital converters. The TS3011 single comparator achieves a propagation delay of 8 ns while consuming 470 µA of supply current at 5 V.

The TS3011 integrates push-pull outputs, removing the need for a pull-up resistor, and rail-to-rail inputs with operating voltage range from 2.2V to 5V. The device delivers a stable response time over a wide temperature range of -40°C to +125°C, offers desirable ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Protection) capabilities and a latch-up immunity of 200 mA.


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