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Coreless DC Motor

Thu, 10/20/2011 - 10:56am

alliedmotion.jpgAllied Motion Technologies adds to its range of coreless DC motors with the DynaMax 25 series motors that employ new rotor technology for higher performance. The new 25 mm diameter DynaMax 25 coreless motors use an innovative copper foil rotor technology instead of a conventional wound copper wire armature, resulting in significantly higher power density. This new rotor technology combined with 4-pole rare-earth NdFeB magnets enables the DynaMax to achieve a stall torque of 400 mNm and 28 watts of rated power output. The low inertia realized with the coreless design, combined with the high starting torque, results in a rapid 4 msec mechanical time constant.

These features make the DynaMax 25 ideal for rapid start-stop applications, as found in hand tools and actuators, as well as positioning systems in high precision, high throughput equipment as found in semiconductor test and packaging equipment and electronics assembly equipment.

For those applications needing lower speeds and higher torque the DynaMax 25 is also available fitted with an optional planetary gearbox. For regulated speed or positioning systems a two channel optical encoder with a resolution of up to 2000 ppr is also optionally available.


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