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Smallest Dual Element Mulitlayer Varistor With Exceptionally High ESD Value

Thu, 08/11/2011 - 8:06am
AVX-CanBus-1AVX has expanded its rugged automotive portfolio to include a miniature, dual element AC multilayer varistor designed for use in automotive low power AC circuits. Designated the MAV Series, the AEC Q200-qualified MLV not only has the ability to clamp large amounts of transients in a bi-directional manner, but also provides and excellent EMI/RFI attenuation in the off-state, making it unsurpassed in efficiency as well as safety.

The MAV Series provides a 110V peak-to-peak at125kHz capability and an ESD value of 25kV (HBM ESD Level 6). Featuring low loss characterisitcs, the ability to handle large amounts of transients, and a sub-nanosecond turn-on time that clamps energy before peak, all in an ultra-compact package, the MAV Series is ideal for use in automotive applications including AC circuits, LC resonant circuits, transformer secondaries, and GFI modules.

"The MAV Series MLV is a cost-effective solution that meets our customers'
growing demands for a miniature, highly-reliable circuit protection device with a reduced board footprint and the ability to provide superior protection versus other technologies," stated Sonja Brown, Global Product Manager for circuit protection products.

In addition to developing a highly efficient MLV, AVX also managed to significantly reduce the MAV Series' footprint, thus meeting space and weight constraints typical of automotive and harsh environment applications.
Available in 0603 single-element and 0405 dual-element packages, the RoHS compliant product is AEC Q200 qualified with PPAP documentation available upon request.

Typical pricing ranges from $0.04 - $0.12 for standard commercial product depending on volume and packaging.

For more information, contact AVX on the Web at


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