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PicoHaul Product Family Provides Operators with a Solution for Small Cell Network Connectivity

Mon, 03/21/2011 - 10:18am
ORLANDO, Fla. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- BridgeWave Communications introduces the first product in its all new PicoHaul™ backhaul product family with the release of its PG60C. The company continues its mission of providing backhaul solutions for next generation 4G networks, building on its field-proven family of gigabit wireless products, with its entry into small-cell (picocell) backhaul of 4G networks.

As 4G networks become a reality, mobile carriers are faced with increasing demand for backhaul capacity to handle data hungry devices in dense urban areas where coverage can be a challenge. To provide ubiquitous coverage and 4G speeds to the user, the traditional model of macro-cell site coverage is being redefined. Operators will deploy smaller, lower cost street-level cells with greater densities than in the 2G/3G macro-cell model. As each “picocell” in this model delivers 4G speeds to the handset, the need for high-capacity backhaul becomes critical in fulfilling the “4G promise”.

BridgeWave’s PG60C provides mobile operators with a cost effective and unobtrusive solution for small cell backhaul, or to in-fill network holes between macro base stations that originate from geography, building layout or legacy network planning. Designed to cost effectively transport gigabit data rates, the PG60C product provides high-capacity backhaul of picocell traffic without the traditional “dish” antenna used with other wireless solutions. BridgeWave’s PicoHaul product has already completed a successful, several month-long trial with a North American Tier 1 carrier.

Millimeter wave frequency bands, specifically the 60 GHz band, yield a number of significant benefits for high-capacity transmission in terms of spectrum availability, frequency reuse, interference immunity, and in many areas, licensee-free availability. PG60C allows operators to provision these backhaul circuits rapidly and more cost effectively than fiber.

BridgeWave’s PicoHaul products were designed with aesthetics in mind in order to blend with dense urban landscapes. In particular, it was designed for mounting on light poles and sides of buildings where it easily and unobtrusively blends in with the environment to help carriers deliver on the promise of 4G speeds.


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