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TrueTouch™ Controllers Provide Industry-Leading 1-mm Resistive Stylus Replacement Support for Capacitive Touchscreens

Mon, 01/10/2011 - 8:16am


Cypress Semiconductor Corp. announced two new families of its leading TrueTouch™ touchscreen controllers that are targeted at stylus-enabled capacitive touchscreen devices. The CY8CTMA340-XXX-03 and CY8CTMA340-XXX-11 families deliver the industry’s only solution for thin (as small as 1 mm) stylus use on capacitive touchscreens.

The traditional benefit of resistive touchscreens until now has been superior stylus support. Many Asian languages require enhanced character recognition for reliable text input, and therefore resistive technology continues to be used despite its poor durability and display quality. Cypress’s new TrueTouch controllers deliver a true “Resistive Stylus Replacement” (RSR) solution that matches the size and performance of resistive stylus implementations while providing the additional benefits of the capacitive touch solution.

No other touch suppliers are currently able to provide this functionality, which enables lower cost feature phones as well as smart phones in Asia to shift to superior capacitive touchscreens from resistive technology.

The new families provide all the traditional benefits of Cypress’s TrueTouch technology, including very high signal-to-noise ratio of more than 80:1 RMS, low power consumption (less that 1.3 mA low-power state current), best-in-class water rejection and wet-finger tracking, and more. In addition, they provide highly accurate stylus tracking accuracy better than 0.7 mm, along with 120Hz refresh rates for full handwriting recognition.


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