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Oscillator Family Specifically Designed and Tested to Support IEEE 1588-2008-based Timing Applications

Wed, 01/05/2011 - 11:06am

Vectron International announced its new family of 1588 oscillators. The OX-402, OX-222 and OX-202 are specifically designed and tested to support 1588-based timing applications. Service providers are moving to all IP-based networks to address the need for increased scalability at reduced costs. However, IP infrastructures present new obstacles to the distribution of timing and equipment vendors are turning to packet-based standards like IEEE-1588. These protocols come with their own set of challenges—the noise caused by inherent variations that take place in a packet network strongly influences the accuracy of timing. To compensate for this ‘network noise' and resolve these timing uncertainties requires oscillators that have the best stability characteristics. Vectron's 1588 oscillator family is specifically designed and tested to support packet based timing systems. The high stability performance of the OX-402, OX-222 and OX-202 enables 1588 system architects to provide a solution that is more robust in the presence of packet delay variation, can derive timing over more ‘hops', and can be deployed in a more demanding network environment. The OX-402, OX-222 and OX-202 bring the best possible stability characteristics to a cost effective platform with a small footprint, and come in industry standard 14x20, 22x25 and 25x25 footprints, respectively. All devices are Stratum 3E compliant and are currently available with output frequencies of 10 MHz, 12.8 MHz and 20MHz. In addition to high stability OCXOs, Vectron also offers customers innovative clock path technology including TCXOs, XOs VCXOs, VCSOs and jitter attenuators that provide ultra low jitter timing solutions.


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