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STMicroelectronics Helps Manufacturers Target Mainstream Market Opportunities by Simplifying Blu-ray Design

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 10:09am
As mainstream demand for high-definition (HD) movies, games and other entertainment forces down prices of Blu-ray equipment, STMicroelectronics is helping manufacturers respond to market pressures by introducing a new chip enabling smaller, lower-cost Blu-ray players and recorders.

The new STODD01 is a power-supply IC capable of generating all the voltages needed to operate the player's circuitry, including the high-voltage driver for the blue laser supporting HD read/write capabilities. The device integrates three power supplies to drive low-voltage digital ICs, analog circuitry, and the laser driver.

Using this chip, designers can eliminate multiple individual power supplies from the printed-circuit board, reducing component costs, design complexity, time to market, and assembly time. The size of the board can also be reduced, which will allow new generations of compact set-top products, game consoles, PC drives and portable HD devices. Each of the STODD01's power-supply channels benefits from highly efficient switched-mode conversion, which minimizes energy losses and heat generation. The device also provides a true shutdown mode, helping to minimize standby power consumption. This enables HD products to attract buyers by offering enhanced user experiences and low operating costs. A major manufacturer of DVD and Blu-ray equipment has already qualified the STODD01, recognizing the importance of superior power management as the markets for HD equipment evolve.

Major features of STODD01 include:

Three power-supply channels for: HD digital ICs; DSPs and RF amplifier; and blue laser driver 0.8A buck converter for digital circuitry Programmable laser-driver output voltage allows use in battery-powered equipment Reset control QFN16L 4 x 4mm package.

The STODD01 is now sampling to lead customers and is ready for mass production in the QFN16L 4 x 4mm package, priced at $0.80 in quantities of 1000. Alternative pricing options are available, depending on order quantity.


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