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WiFi MIMO Antennas Site Installations allow Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output Configurations

Fri, 11/05/2010 - 7:59am
Mobile Mark now offers Directional and Omni-directional MIMO Antennas (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output) configured for up to 3 connector connections. These Site Antennas contain three separate antenna elements within the antenna housing. Each antenna element covers identical WiFi spectrum: 2.4 to 2.5 & 4.9 to 6.0 GHz and are designed for use with 802.11n WiFi networks.

MIMO systems, also known as spatial multiplexing, transmit different data on different antenna elements. The data is decoded and combined at the receive end. The net result is greater data throughput and improved bandwidth efficiency.

The Directional Panel MIMO Antennas (PND8-2400/5500) provide 8 dBi gain in a compact radome measuring 12.5” tall x 3” wide x 1.25” deep. Three SMA connector ports exit from the back of antenna.

The Omni-directional MIMO Antennas (DOD5-2400/5500) provide 5 dBi gain in a radome measuring less than 30” tall x 1” in diameter. The three cables exiting the base of the antenna are staggered at 9”, 12” and 15” in length, for easy handling during installation.

Mobile Mark’s MIMO Antennas for Site installations are designed to meet the electrical and mechanical standards needed for consistent coverage in tough settings. Specifically, the antennas have been tested for Shock & Vibration standards: IEEE-1478, EN-61373, and MIL-810G.


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