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Source Measure Unit Offers Advanced Sourcing and Measurement Capabilities in 4-Quadrants

Tue, 11/16/2010 - 7:22am

Agilent Technologies Inc. announces the N6784A 4-quadrant general-purpose source measure unit (SMU), the newest member of the N6700 Modular Power System family. The N6784A SMU offers advanced sourcing and measurement capabilities in four quadrants, required for many general-purpose electronic test applications. The N6784A SMU's precise glitch-free operation ensures safe, stable use with any device under test (DUT) during output and measurement ranges changes. Its ability to remain stable with DUT capacitances of up to 150 µF is unique among SMUs. In addition, the SMU's four-quadrant operation enables it to act as a bipolar power supply or a bipolar electronic load, providing even greater versatility. Whether using the N6784A SMU in a test system or on a lab bench, engineers can be confident that they have a stable, reliable tool for all of their general-purpose needs.


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