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QorIQ Processor Helps to Secure the Network’s Edge

Tue, 11/09/2010 - 4:51am
MUNICH (Electronica 2010) –- As the reach of the world’s networks extends further into new end-devices and previously unconnected industries, network security has become increasingly important to consumers, businesses and other organizations. To help secure the growing number of network endpoints worldwide, Freescale Semiconductor introduces the QorIQ P1010, an energy-efficient processor incorporating advanced security technology and designed for factory equipment, digital video recorders, storage products and other applications.

Targeting cost-sensitive endpoint applications, the P1010 processor delivers up to 800 MHz of performance and features operating power as low as 1.1W. The device provides a trust architecture platform that helps protect against software intrusion and software cloning by incorporating advanced end-to-end code signing and intrusion prevention capabilities.

The P1010 processor is the first QorIQ family product member to integrate multiple FlexCAN controllers that allow OEMs to implement industrial protocols in factory automation systems. It also incorporates SD/MMC, two PCI Express® controllers, two SATA controllers and three Ethernet controllers to address the performance and market requirements of NAS/DVR products.

In addition to industrial, storage and consumer applications, the P1010 is also ideal for cost-sensitive SOHO routers. The processor incorporates software fast path acceleration technology to deliver up to line rate performance for IPv4.

The P1010’s energy efficiency and broad set of integrated peripherals can significantly reduce overall system costs. The device is packaged in a small (19mm x 19mm) 425-pin TEPBGA1 with a tight pitch at 0.8mm that enables a compact, low-layer board and smaller overall footprint. Low power dissipation eliminates the need for external heat dissipation techniques and allows for fan-less designs. The incorporation of serial interfaces reduces board size (SGMII Ethernet controllers) and a 16/32-bit DDR3 memory controller enables low-cost memory designs. QorIQ processor helps to secure the network’s edge.

New QorIQ P1014 delivers additional cost savings For applications in which secure boot and FlexCAN controllers are not required, Freescale also offers the QorIQ P1014 processor, which is a streamlined version of the P1010. The P1014 includes a 16-bit DDR3 memory controller and is designed to deliver outstanding cost benefits for single or dual bay NAS, DVR and general purpose control applications.

The QorIQ P1010 and P1014 devices are part of the Freescale Product Longevity program, with 10 years of assured supply. For terms and conditions, please see:


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