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PCB Offers Improved Explosion & Blast Pressure Sensors for Low Noise and High Output Measurements

Fri, 11/05/2010 - 7:59am


The Series 137B quartz, free-field, ICP® blast pressure pencil probes from PCB Piezotronics (PCB®) have been improved for durability and alignment by lowering the parts count by 40% and internal connections by 50%. The pencil probes continue to feature an extremely fast micro-second response time, with resonant frequencies to 500k Hz. The new Series 137B quartz, free-field, ICP® blast pressure pencil probes are designed for a broad range of explosion, blast, and shock wave testing. Applications include measuring blast pressure in free-field or closed bunker arenas to obtain peak pressure, total impulse, shock wave and time-of-arrival measurements often used to study blast effects on structures, vehicles, and humans.

ICP® technology features integral microelectronics that provides a high signal-to-noise ratio compared to silicon semiconductor sensing technologies, which require external amplification. The high-level 5V output signal is capable of driving long cable runs hundreds of feet in length, to a safe zone for data acquisition. Sensors are frequency tailored to capture both peak pressure and total impulse calculations.


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