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Analyzer Features Four-Port 110 GHz Single-Sweep Solution for Millimeter-Wave Measurements

Tue, 11/16/2010 - 7:22am

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the world's highest performing 67 GHz PNA-X Series vector network analyzer (VNA). The new N5247A 67 GHz PNA-X allows engineers, working up to 67 GHz, to benefit from Agilent's single-connection, multiple-measurement, PNA-X platform. This level of performance makes it possible for the N5247A PNA-X to be used in the widest range of microwave applications, including active device characterization and tests; device modeling; high-speed digital; and material research. The N5247A PNA-X delivers +10 dBm output power; 110 dB system dynamic range; and a 0.1 dB receiver compression point of +11 dBm specified at 67 GHz. These specifications are 8 dB more output power and 7 dB more dynamic range than any other VNA in the industry. This unmatched performance enables the N5247A PNA-X to provide the world's most accurate linear and nonlinear active component characterization in a single instrument. The N5247A features clean internal dual sources, a built-in combiner and path switches. These features enable a unique single-connection solution for S-parameters, noise figure and intermodulation distortion (IMD) measurements. It also makes it possible to perform many other measurements that are required for testing active devices up to 67 GHz. This includes pulse; gain compression; harmonics and spectrum for amplifiers; mixers; and frequency converters.

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