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World’s First Iridium/GPS/Mobile Communication Antenna Combination

Fri, 10/15/2010 - 7:27am
With its innovative antenna combination, Hirschmann Car Communication GmbH is setting a high standard. In addition to quality and performance, the hallmark of this Iridium/GPS/mobile communication antenna combination is an extremely attractive price.

Hirschmann Car Communication GmbH is launching the innovative antennas at exactly the right time: growing requirements in global asset tracking as well as remote monitoring applications currently form the basis for the sharp increase in demand in this segment.

The Iridium satellite communication system, which was started in 1997 and 1998, is based on 66 active LEO (low earth orbit) satellites on six orbits. The system always offers secure voice and data transmission where a terrestrial mobile communication connection can only work to a very limited extent, if at all: at the North and South Pole, on oceans, in deserts and in particularly remote areas. Guaranteeing secure communication in these regions is essential, particularly for use in military and scientific applications.

And even every-day applications such as monitoring goods in transit or the wireless controlling of technical facilities located far away make the use of Iridium-based systems indispensable. This explains why use of this technology is particularly widespread in countries with a large geographic area, such as the US.

In addition to the functional combination of different services, Hirschmann’s new Iridium antennas offer further features such as the opportunity to use battery-operated devices. This is facilitated by the antennas’ low power consumption. In addition, the antenna housing is made from a particularly robust material in order to withstand all weather conditions as well as falling rocks. A further plus factor and a decisive competitive edge: all Hirschmann Iridium products pass through a demanding certification process.


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