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Virtual Drive Test Conversion Tool

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 7:37am
Spirent’s Virtual Drive Test (VDT) - Conversion Tool makes it easier than ever to bring a real-world RF environment to your lab bench. The software tool converts RF data captured with a cellular scanner, enabling the data set to be “played back” on Spirent’s SR5500 Wireless Channel Emulator.

The tool augments the VDT capabilities built into the SR5500. VDT allows the re-creation of physical movement for testing in the wireless lab, a requirement that becomes both more critical and more complex with the addition of Multiple-In Multiple-Out (MIMO) antenna techniques which are a key enabler of LTE data performance. Data sets can be created from scratch in software or captured via a scanner, then converted and played back in the lab.

The VDT - Conversion Tool makes the latter process much more efficient by wrapping the otherwise intricate conversion process into an easy-to-use GUI. For example, cellular scanners do not sample quickly enough to realistically capture all the effects of a phenomenon known as “fast fading”. As a result, the aliased effects of sub-sampling must be removed from the data set. The VDT Conversion Tool automates all of this data processing and creates a statistically sound fast fading profile based on the dynamic velocities captured in the data set.

The result is worry-free data conversion in minutes… without spending weeks writing code or software scripts, and without wondering whether some fine point of complex wireless fading has gone unaddressed.

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