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Miniature Varactor Diodes for WLAN, CATV, LNB and Energy Management

Tue, 10/12/2010 - 7:48am


Skyworks announces three miniature 0402 varactor diodes for WLAN, CATV, LNB, energy management, medical, wireless infrastructure and military markets.

These small-form factor, discrete, low-profile plastic diodes are contained within SMT packaging that is ideal for voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), phase shifter and voltage tuned filter applications requiring a high Q and low resistance varactor with a large capacitance change over a narrow 0 to 5 V range.

The SMV1247-040LF and SMV1249-040LF are silicon, surface mount hyperabrupt tuning varactor diodes designed for use as tuning elements in RF Voltage-Controlled Oscillators (VCOs), and voltage-tuned phase shifters and filters.

The typical capacitance ratio from 0.3 V to 4.7 V is 10 for the SMV1247-040LF and 12 for the SMV1249-040LF, which makes these two varactors suitable for octive bandwidth VCOs, wide voltage range phase shifters, and wideband voltage-controlled filters.

The SMV1247-040LF and SMV1249-040LF varactor diodes are provided in a surface mount package compatible with the industry-standard 0402 printed circuit board footprint.

The SMV1763-079LF is a silicon hyperabrupt junction varactor diode specifically designed for 3 V platforms. The specified high capacitance ratio and low reverse voltage make this varactor appropriate for low phase noise Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs) used at frequencies in wireless systems up to and above 2.5 GHz.


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