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Fully Isolated Industrial CAN Transceivers Reduce Board Space by Up to 70%

Wed, 10/20/2010 - 9:14am
NORWOOD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has expanded its isolated interface product portfolio with two transceivers that are the first to isolate both data signals and power for systems using the CAN (control-area network) communications bus. The ADM3052 and ADM3053 use ADI’s iCoupler digital isolation technology; the ADM3053 also includes an isoPower integrated, isolated DC/DC converter, reducing component count by up to 80 percent compared to competing alternatives that require multiple discrete devices, and consuming 70 percent less board space than discrete competitive options.

The ADM3052 and ADM3053 extend ADI’s portfolio of isolated bus communication products that includes similar products for other popular industrial and instrumentation protocols, including RS-485/422, RS-232, USB (universal serial bus) and I2C. These isolated communication products integrate ADI’s transceiver devices with iCoupler digital isolation technology and isoPower integrated, isolated dc-to-dc converters and have already helped simplify customer product designs by integrating signal and power isolation into single, small-form-factor packages.

The ADM3052 CAN transceiver offers 5-kVrms isolation between a 4-wire CAN-bus configuration and a precision analog microcontroller or DSP (digital signal processor), while providing the physical layer properties required by the CAN-bus specification. The 4-wire CAN-bus configuration includes two data lines, 24-V power supply, and the power supply current return path.

The ADM3052 integrates a 24-V LDO (low-dropout regulator), three channels of ADI’s iCoupler digital signal isolation technology and the physical layer CAN transceiver. The ADM3052 also integrates protection against wiring faults, and a bus power-sense function, which provides an isolated signal to the precision analog microcontroller or DSP to indicate whether the 24-V bus power supply is present or not.

The ADM3053 CAN transceiver provides 2.5-kVrms isolation between a 2-wire CAN-bus configuration and a precision analog microcontroller or DSP. The 2-wire CAN-bus configuration includes only the two data lines, with bus-side power provided by ADI’s proprietary isoPower® dc-to-dc converter technology from the precision analog microcontroller or DSP side of the isolation barrier. The ADM3053 includes an oscillator, rectifier, regulator, two channels of iCoupler digital signal isolation technology and the physical CAN transceiver with integrated wire-fault protection.


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