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Low-Power, 2.4 GHz Multi-Channel FSK Transceiver with Built-In Star Network Manager

Wed, 09/01/2010 - 9:41am
UNTERPREMSTAETTEN, Austria -- (BUSINESS WIRE)--austriamicrosystems has announced the AS3940, the first fully integrated 2.4 GHz multi-channel FSK (frequency shift keying) transceiver with integrated link manager for reliable control of star networks (up to 8 clients). It features low power, high sensitivity (-100 dBm @250 kb/s, -92 dBm @2 Mb/s), data rates from 250 kb/s up to 2 Mb/s, and integrates a digital RSSI (received signal strength indictor), real-time-clock (RTC) and programmable clock output, a Gaussian filter, PLL (phase locked loop) and loop filter.

The AS3940 is the first 2.4 GHz transceiver with built-in star network management protocol manager that is royalty-free and provides an easy to use protocol for self-management of all network functions. This high level of integration not only speeds system design, but also decreases the MCU’s workload and ensures robust data transfer (burst and streaming modes) and correct protocol handling.

The AS3940 also offers excellent adjacent channel rejection and sensitivity (-100 dBm @250 kb/s, -92 dBm @ 2Mb/s) and unique features like battery voltage monitoring, adaptive channel switching, integrated TX/RX switch and 4 separate 256-bit user data buffers.

Other features include programmable output power, efficient power management and power-optimized wakeup modes, and support of frequency hopping.

The performance and integrated functions of the AS3940 make it very well suited for a number of applications, including body area networks (health, fitness), wireless sensor networks, active smart labels, home & building automation, interactive remote controls, and data streaming.


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