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DVB-T/H and DVB-S/S2 Networks Achieve High Operational Reliability with Compact Monitoring Instrument

Wed, 09/22/2010 - 9:34am
The R&S DVMS4 from Rohde & Schwarz monitors transport streams and DVB-T/H and DVB-S/S2 signals to ensure high operational reliability. The compact R&S DVMS4 measures just one height unit and can simultaneously monitor the RF and transport stream characteristics of up to four signals, which makes it ideal for sites with multiple transmitters. Because the R&S DVMS4 detects all relevant errors, network operators do not have to invest in more complex monitoring solutions. Its flexible hardware concept makes the R&S DVMS4 just as capable of monitoring tasks in DVB-T2 networks.

In order to respond instantly to signal failures or faults, network operators must be able to localize the problem quickly. The R&S DVMS4 helps monitor the transmission of signals to DVB-T/H transmitters or the feeding and distribution of signals via DVB-S/S2 satellites.

In multiplex centers, the R&S DVMS4 monitors signal processing and, in the case of program providers, signal generation. Because the R&S DVMS4 monitors any combination of up to four RF signals or transport streams at a single site, it helps to ensure high operational reliability.

For monitoring just one RF or transport stream signal, Rohde & Schwarz offers the R&S DVMS1. The modularity of the company’s product family means that there is always a scalable solution available at an attractive price/performance ratio – regardless of the number of signals to be monitored.

The R&S DVMS4 checks key RF characteristics such as level, frequency, modulation error ratio (MER) and bit error ratio (BER). A software option enables users to simultaneously monitor the transport streams contained in RF signals and the transport streams that are fed directly into the R&S DVMS4. This ability to simultaneously monitor signals that are fed in or transmitted makes the instrument ideal for use at transmitter sites.

Errors and measurement results are either displayed on-site or reported to the monitoring station using SNMP traps. The R&S DVMS4 displays measurements graphically for a quick overview. It incorporates numerous other analysis and viewing functions, including PCR jitter analysis and display of thumbnails and EPG.

Despite its high functionality, the R&S DVMS4 is intuitive to operate. Users can configure all monitoring functions to suit local requirements. For remote access and use in central network management systems, the R&S DVMS4 can easily be integrated into data networks. Simultaneous remote web access from several locations is possible.

Compared to the existing one-channel solution R&S DVMS1, the R&S DVMS4 features four signal inputs. It measures only one height unit, which makes it one of the most compact instruments on the market. When deployed in multiplex centers, the R&S DVMS4 only needs to be equipped with the transport stream monitoring option. The result is a cost-effective solution that is easily upgraded using RF modules.


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