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Cable/Cable Tray Holding System Provides a Non-Penetration Solution

Fri, 09/24/2010 - 7:42am


In response to the congestive boom in mounting cell phone antennas on water towers, Metal & Cable Corp., Inc. has recently introduced its non-penetrating Magnemount Cable/Cable Tray Holding System.

The new patent-pending cable/cable tray mounting system provides an option to welding and epoxy attachment methods. Ultimately, the system provides a non-penetrating solution to securely carry cables across and down the curvatures of steel water tanks.

The origins of the design originated from a Metal & Cable Corp. client that desired to design a cable mounting system that could work with, or independently from, the company’s original Magnemount antenna mounting system. This was accomplished via 2 Magnemount system magnets attached to a length of 304 grade stainless steel “Unistrut”®.

Whereas traditional welding methods present a permanent solution, the invasive nature of welding requires recoating the steel on the inside and outside of the water tower tank. This may involve draining and refilling the tank; along with other time consuming and costly operations. Epoxy mounting solutions are less invasive, but many factors can influence the reliability of this method as a long-term solution.

Because the Magnemount mounting system is a high-capacity magnetic solution, it presents no damage to the water tank’s interior/exterior surface, provides fast, “clean”, on-site installation, requires no maintenance, and can be removed easily.

The Magnemount system has been designed to withstand winds up to 150 mph. Independent testing of the Magnemount has resulted in passing stringent seismic and mechanical tests.

Visit for detailed test results.


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