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Capacitors Allow Designers to Reduce their Component Count and Shrink Board Space

Fri, 08/06/2010 - 9:26am


AVX Corporation has expanded on its widely popular switch mode power supply (SMPS) capacitors series, TurboCap™. These capacitors allow designers to reduce their component count, shrink board space and maintain the benefits of ceramics such as low ESR/ESL, ability to withstand transients and the ability to handle large amounts of power in an efficient and compact package.

AVX has expanded the TurboCap Series to include 100V/47uf, 25V/220uf, 50V/100uf versions to meet the needs of state of the art aircraft, power converters on hybrid vehicles or DC/DC converters for general purpose applications.

The expanded TurboCap Series capacitors are assembled using the company’s industry proven lead frame, which places the ceramic up off the board and dramatically reduces cracking issues as well as susceptibility to shock and vibrations.


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