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Ultra-High Efficiency Multi-Mode/Multi-Band Transmitter IC

Mon, 06/14/2010 - 8:27am
RFaxis unveiled at Computex its RFX8000 ultra-high efficiency multi-mode/multi-band transmitter integrated circuit (IC) chip for 3G and 4G cellular wireless devices. This RFX8000 chip is based on a new patent pending RF multi-mode/multi-band transmit IC architecture innovated by RFaxis for creating single-chip/single-die solutions specifically designed to deliver longer talk-time, clearer calls and higher data rates for cellular mobile phones.

The new RFX8000 chip comes fully integrated with linear WCDMA/EDGE power amplifiers, switching functionality to support multiple modes/bands and on-die matching circuitry. The RFX8000 chip will initially be designed and manufactured using standard 0.18 micron CMOS silicon processes.

“The RFX8000 is far more than just a power amplifier; it is a complete transmit IC device with all of the on-die amplify, switching and matching functionality needed for multi-mode/multi-band cell phone OEM/ODMs to rapidly design ultra-high efficiency mobile phones. In addition to enabling longer talk time, our disruptive RF multi-mode/multi-band transmit IC architecture and circuit designs enable high quality connections and mitigate excessive roaming, thereby conserving the mobile phone battery power and extending the time between battery recharges. This means tremendous value, especially considering the massive and booming global cell phone market," said Dr. Oleksandr Gorbachov, RFaxis' CTO.


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