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AT&T's New Smart Phone Data Plans

Thu, 06/03/2010 - 7:58am
BASKING RIDGE -- (AP) -- Starting Monday, AT&T Inc. is phasing out its offering of unlimited wireless data for $30 per month. If you're a current customer you can keep that plan. If you're a new one you need to pick one of two new plans:

a) A plan called DataPlus will provide 200 megabytes of data for $15 per month. If you go over, you pay another $15 for 200 more megabytes. AT&T says this plan will suffice for people who surf the Web, send e-mail and use applications like Facebook. The data allowance is enough for more than 1,000 e-mails, hundreds of Web pages and 20 minutes of streaming video.

b) A plan called DataPro will provide 2 gigabytes of data per month (10 times more than DataPlus) for $25 per month. If you go over, you pay another $10 for one more gigabyte. AT&T says 98 percent of smart phone users use less than 2 gigabytes.

If you want to "tether" your phone to your laptop to give the computer Internet access through AT&T's network, that will cost you another $20 per month, down from the current $30. IPhones will be able to tether for the first time this summer after a software upgrade. (Some users have hacked their phones to enable tethering already.)

The prices are in addition to the voice part of the plan, which costs at least $40 per month, plus taxes and fees that vary by jurisdiction. Data use over Wi-Fi does not count towards the limits.


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