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CTIA Expresses Disappointment over the FCC’s Vote on the Broadband Internet Services Inquiry

Fri, 06/18/2010 - 7:42am
WASHINGTON, DC –- In response to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) vote to approve a Notice of Inquiry (NOI) on potential Title II regulation of broadband, CTIA-The Wireless Association® President and CEO Steve Largent issued the following statement:

  “We are disappointed that the Commission continues to consider the application of monopoly-era rules for the U.S. mobile broadband ecosystem. Despite the fact the FCC has heard from more than half of the elected officials in Congress that this approach is wrong, the Commission has chosen to ignore this diverse and bi-partisan group of Senators and Representatives from around the country. Instead, the Commission’s action is a dangerous solution in search of a non-existent problem.

“In the same week that we applauded the Commission for several spectrum initiatives, its action today has caused significant concerns for us. Throughout today’s meeting, from multiple sources, we heard of the need for massive private investment. If the FCC chooses to insert these rules in this extremely challenging economic climate, it would be an irresponsible move that would cause significant uncertainty – the exact opposite of the environment necessary to provide an incentive for future investment.

   “The U.S. wireless industry is open, innovative, competitive and low-cost. In short, it is everything that consumers in America want. Today, the FCC seeks to justify its action based on the nation’s positive experience with light-touch regulation in the wireless market. While the FCC is correct – that light regulation in the wireless industry has produced extraordinary results and the world’s leading mobile marketplace – the proposed reclassification and the uncertainty it will drive is not the environment that has spurred this wireless ecosystem.”

“To be clear, application of this regulatory framework would be new, even to wireless broadband. Further, recent activity at the FCC suggests that the Commission’s light-touch approach may be a thing of the past. We hope that is not the case, and we hope that the goal of this proceeding is not to establish a legal basis for further micro-management of the exceptionally innovative and fast moving wireless broadband ecosystem.”

  “Going forward, we will continue to work with the Commission and other policymakers to educate them on ways to ensure that the U.S. remains the world’s mobile broadband leader.”


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