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CEA Applauds the FCC for Continuing Its Work to Address Our Nation’s Looming Mobile Broadband Crisis

Tue, 06/15/2010 - 8:23am
ARLINGTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE) – The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA®) positively responds to the Federal Communication Commission’s recently released technical paper entitled, “Spectrum Analysis: Options for Broadcast Spectrum.”

CEA applauds the Commission for this important technical paper, which makes a compelling factual case for all stakeholders to embrace the voluntary auction of underused broadcast television spectrum to address our nation’s looming mobile broadband crisis.

  CEA agrees with the Commission’s conclusion that because a “significant portion of the TV bands is not directly used for broadcasting, a limited number of stations in a limited number of markets choosing to participate voluntarily could recover a significant amount of spectrum.”

We are also heartened by the new analysis unveiled in this paper that TV stations choosing to share their existing spectrum could “continue to broadcast in HD while sharing a channel,” an important fact given prior statements by some corporate entities that such frequency sharing was not technically feasible.

We share the Commission’s goal as set out in this paper: developing a “voluntary process that recovers a significant amount of spectrum from the broadcast TV bands while preserving consumer reception of, and public interests served by, OTA television.” 

We look forward to working with the FCC in the upcoming Broadcast Engineering Forum to move forward this important plan. Freeing additional wireless spectrum is vital to our innovation-driven economy and to ensure that all Americans enjoy the robust mobile broadband networks that our nation so desperately needs.


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