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UPP Audio Analyzer Reduces Measurement Times in Production Environments

Tue, 05/04/2010 - 11:43am
Rohde & Schwarz has released a new family of audio analyzers developed especially for use in production. The R&S UPP200/400/800 analyzers are available in two-, four- or eight-channel versions. Multiple analyzers can be cascaded to test as many as 48 analog measurement channels. Due to the analyzers' time-saving capability to perform parallel measurements on all channels, manufacturers of audio equipment of any type can achieve higher throughput in production. The UPP200/400/800 (two/four/eight channels) is an analyzer family in the medium price range that helps ensure extremely short measurement times in production where costs are a major concern. Depending on the requirements, up to five slave instruments can be connected to a master via cascading. This system operates like a measuring instrument with a maximum of 48 channels. All the channels of a 16-channel sound system, for example, can be measured in a single step if two eight-channel analyzers are connected. Manufacturers who already use the R&S UPV high-end audio analyzer developed for R&D applications can run the measurement programs from their R&D work on the new R&S UPP200/400/800.

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