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Single-Chip Solution Augments the Performance of Converged Bluetooth™/Wi-Fi™ Chipsets

Fri, 05/14/2010 - 10:01am


SiGe Semiconductor’s SE2601T is a RF switch/LNA front-end IC (FEIC) designed to enhance the performance and functionality of converged Bluetooth™/Wi-Fi™ chipsets for embedded applications. The device addresses the increasing convergence of connectivity requirements such as Wi-Fi™ and Bluetooth™ for the new generations of smartphones, netbooks, personal media players and digital cameras. SiGe developed the SE2601T to enhance the performance and functionality of Bluetooth™/Wi-Fi™ chipset solutions utilizing an integrated CMOS power amplifier (PA). The 2601T leverages the performance and functional integration strengths of silicon-based RF solutions. The 2601T improves the connectivity range of the Wi-Fi™ solution by placing a high-performance LNA between the antenna and the RF receiver that is part of chipsets from leading vendors. Often the LNA function is omitted in embedded applications such as smartphones due to physical space constraints on the Wi-Fi™ solution, thus degrading connectivity performance. This LNA significantly increases the sensitivity of the Wi-Fi™ receiving system – critical in embedded applications where physically small antennas are limited in their contribution to signal quality.

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