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Security for Contactless Government ID with KSW Microtec Thinlams®

Thu, 04/15/2010 - 5:08am
As governments, financial institutions and other high-security conscious institutions require additional security features on their contactless ID documents and cards, KSW Microtec, one of the world’s leading supplier of RFID components and inlays for secure cards and other form factors, reports an increase in demand for its proven prelaminate Thinlam®.

Issuers of highly secure cards and documents of all types, increasingly demand the addition of new security features. In order to achieve this, multiple layers need to be added and large memory security microcontrollers need to be integrated, while maintaining ISO standards for maximum card thickness. KSW’s polycarbonate inlay Thinlam® is already widely used for this purpose, due to its producible thinness down to 200µm and proven ability to support the manufacturers of contactless documents with multiple layers and security features.

Furthermore, special construction techniques provide a mechanical stability due to KSW’s patented working technology for both the chip and the antenna. The Thinlam® prelaminates maintain the highest durability thanks to the patented chip connection technology, which achieves tighter resonance frequency tolerances. KSW Thinlams® are manufactured without chip modules, ensuring an exceptionally plane card surface without sink marks. The technology is successfully proven and the Thinlam® guarantees durability and reliability.

In addition, as both sides of the card are fully opaque executable, both the chip and the antenna are visually screened. Therefore any potential deformation areas on the card are avoided when using KSW’s Thinlam®. Other common restrictions regarding visual card personalization are eliminated, allowing for new features to be applied above the chip area of the card, if required.

Thinlam® is available in polycarbonate, PVC, PET or Teslin® and can also be used for transparent RFID cards due to the excellent optical appearance. KSW’s new Thinlam® generation of thinnest RFID prelaminates are commonly used manufacturing government ID documents including passports, driver’s licenses and identity cards and are also widely used in the ePayment sector.


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