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Dual-Interface EEPROM Enables Remote Access to Electronic Device Parameters

Thu, 04/08/2010 - 1:18pm
STMicroelectronics introduces the first in a new family of products that provide the flexibility to remotely program or update electronic products, anytime during their lifetime, and anywhere in the supply chain. The devices enable manufacturers to update parameters, regionalize or activate software without connecting a programmer, or even opening the retail packaging. This advanced method to access the memory will allow businesses to add new functions and capabilities to their products, but also reduce manufacturing costs, simplify inventory management, and respond more quickly to changing market demands. The M24LR64 is an EEPROM memory with a standard I2C serial interface, providing communication with most microcontrollers or ASICs, and also a standard ISO15693 RF (radio frequency) interface for wireless communications with RFID readers. The ISO15693 standard is passive RFID technology, which gathers both the energy and the data from the RF system. No power is required to operate the M24LR64 in RF mode, which enables on-board energy savings and provides easy and convenient remote access to electronic product parameters. The M24LR64 has a 64-Kbit capacity for storage of program code, product parameters, serial numbers, calibration data, or event-log data. Its RFISO15693 interface can be accessed by a wide range of RF readers, covering hand-held devices, pad antennas, gate systems and tunnel readers.


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