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Antenna Grade Laminates Help Minimize Signal Loss

Thu, 02/04/2010 - 6:04am
RO3730™ laminates, available from Rogers Corporation, have the excellent thermo-mechanical properties, and electrical characteristics that antenna designers need. The laminates have a dielectric constant (Dk) of 3.0 and a loss tangent (Df) of 0.0013 measured at 2.5 GHz. These values allow antenna designers to realize substantial gain values while minimizing signal loss.

Materials are available with a demonstrated low PIM performance, with values better than -154 dBc (using Rogers’ internal test method). RO3730 materials can be fabricated into printed circuit boards using standard PTFE circuit board processing techniques as described in the application note, “Fabrication Guidelines for RO3730 High Frequency Circuit Materials.”

RO3730™ reinforced woven fiber glass with optimized glass and filler loading improved mechanical rigidity/easier handling and processing versus non-reinforced PTFE products. Additional benefits include lower dissipation factor, low PIM and PTH process capability. Cladding is 1 ounce rolled annealed copper (35 µm thick). RO3730 laminates are manufactured under an ISO 9002 certified quality system.

Typical Applications include: Base station antennas; RFID antennas; WLAN antennas; and satellite radio antennas.


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