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TD-LTE Multi-UE Test Mobile with Multi-Handset Capability

Thu, 10/08/2009 - 12:10pm

Aeroflex has released the TM500 TD-LTE Multi-UE, adding multiple handset (multi-UE) testing capabilities to its test mobile range supporting TD-LTE infrastructure development. The TM500 TD-LTE Multi-UE enables TD-LTE infrastructure equipment vendors to test the performance of their TD-LTE base stations (e-NodeBs) under loaded conditions, accelerating the pace of infrastructure equipment development programs. The TM500 TD-LTE Multi-UE replicates multiple TD-LTE handsets in a single test mobile, simplifying complex tasks such as functional network testing with multi-UEs and performance measurement of resource scheduling algorithms. The TM500 TD-LTE Multi-UE can be used to repeatedly generate controlled test scenarios involving a user-defined number of UEs.


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