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Last Mile™ Network Delivers Most Realistic Insight into End-Users' True Web Experiences

Mon, 06/29/2009 - 7:39am
LEXINGTON, Mass. /PRNewswire/ -- Gomez, Inc. today announced that the Gomez Last Mile™ Web performance load testing and monitoring network now exceeds 100,000 consumer-grade desktop computers in 168 countries using 2500 local Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The Gomez Last Mile is the industry's only network that provides businesses with the broadest geographic insight into how their Web applications perform at the "edge" of the Internet on real, consumer-grade desktop computers connected via dial-up, DSL, cable, and low and high broadband.

Today's Web applications are delivered to end-users' computer via a Web application delivery chain that includes multiple third-party content providers, cloud and web services, content delivery networks (CDNs), ISPs and wireless carriers.

Successful execution hinges on all these services working together and the application ultimately assembling in an end-user's browser. However, at any point in this fragile chain — from the data center to the browser — issues can occur, leading to frustration for the end-user and problems for a business' brand and revenue.

Because the Gomez Last Mile network is the largest, most distributed testing and monitoring network, organizations can use it to hone in on localized performance issues and their root causes such as local CDN nodes, or third-party elements blocking content from downloading.

Web performance testing via the Gomez Last Mile network provides object-level detail about the speed and availability of Web applications as experienced by real consumer-grade computers connected via consumer-grade ISPs, information that cannot be obtained by just testing Web performance from computers located in enterprise-grade data centers.

The Gomez Last Mile network is also the most accurate resource for realistic Web performance load testing. Gomez's load testing solution uniquely creates load from the geographically-dispersed desktops on the Gomez Last Mile network and from the Internet backbone/cloud. This combination reveals how real-world volume impacts end-users' experiences so that businesses can make corrections before releasing new applications.

"Web application performance measurement is getting more complex due to the dozens of end-user connection models around the world, from dial-up to DSL, cable modem, satellite, cell phone, and fiber optic models. Even as Internet core performance has improved, end-users still suffer through poor experiences. Measurement at or very close to the customer-deployed edge has become even more necessary for measuring actual Internet application performance," said Daniel Golding, Vice President and Research Director, Tier1 Research.

To build its Last Mile network, Gomez recruits the computers of "peers", consumer-grade computers from everyday people across the globe connected to the Web. Leveraging unused processing cycles, Gomez instructs these computers to execute Web performance tests on its customers' Web sites. To become a compensated peer, please visit:


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