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Wed, 05/13/2009 - 8:52am
AWR Corp. has issued a challenge to designers using electromagnetic simulators: If AXIEM EM analysis software isn’t faster than the commercial 3D planar EM tool they are currently using, AWR will buy lunch for their entire design team. AWR is confident that AXIEM’s performance cannot be surpassed, because based on independent comparisons, the EM simulator is not only one of the most accurate solvers in its class, but can solve large problems faster typically up to ten times faster. AWR will either benchmark AXIEM for the team or the team can perform the benchmark itself. The challenge is open to anyone working at a commercial company located in North America, Europe, or Japan, and runs until June 30, 2009. AXIEM software is believed to be the first to deliver EM analysis as a true upfront design technology and is seamlessly integrated within the company’s Microwave Office and Analog Office software. Its speed, capacity, and accuracy allow designers to diagnose issues early, significantly shortening the design process. It was developed specifically for 3D planar applications such as RF printed circuit boards and modules, as well as RFICs, MMICs, and LTCC designs. Entrants in the AXIEM Challenge must simply agree to the terms of the challenge that are described on AWR’s Web site

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