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High-Voltage Power MOSFETs Combine Higher Voltage Capability and Lower Losses

Wed, 05/13/2009 - 8:56am
STMicroelectronics introduces a family of power MOSFETs combining higher voltage capability, greater ruggedness, and lower losses than previous devices, which are well suited for use in high-efficiency power supplies for products such as LCD monitors, televisions and energy-saving lamp ballasts. The STx7N95K3 family introduces a 950 V breakdown-voltage class for power MOSFETs. This new class benefits systems that minimize energy losses by operating at high voltages such as 400 V or more. Compared to competing 900 V devices, the company’s 950 V power MOSFETs have a larger safe-operating area delivering greater reliability. Designers can also use a single 950 V MOSFET to replace two-transistor circuits sometimes used to build high-voltage supplies, simplifying design, reducing size and lowering component count. In addition, the STx7N95K3 family has a higher avalanche current rating than competing devices, which ensures greater resilience to surges above the breakdown voltage which cause the device to avalanche. The avalanche-current rating of 9A compares with around 1A for the nearest competing 900V devices.

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