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Corporate Spending Controls Solution Includes Control over Wireless Use

Mon, 05/18/2009 - 12:45pm
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DUBLIN, IRELAND, (AP) Openet(, a provider of Transactional Intelligence solutions for the world's largest and most innovative service providers, announces the launch of its Corporate Spending Controls solution. Based upon Openet's FusionWorks™ Framework, Corporate Spending Controls uses integrated policy and charging controls to enable services providers to reduce churn by allowing companies increased transparency and control over their wireless budgets.

As mobile penetration growth rates slow, service providers must work harder than ever to retain their corporate customers. While lucrative, these accounts are vulnerable due to lack of visibility and control over wireless usage, shrinking budgets and a growing need by business to justify every expenditure. Conversely, employees are used to having one device for both business and personal use. Close management of wireless resources is crucial to corporate fiscal responsibility — and the key for service providers to win loyalty from their business accounts.

As with Openet's consumer Spending Limits solution, Corporate Spending Controls allows the creation and enforcement of usage caps, through the real-time management of service balances. To ensure that employees have the appropriate level of service for their roles and to set parameters around usage, the solution is configurable, providing service controls and spending visibility to support complex corporate wireless accounts. Corporate Spending Controls enables businesses to set limits to control spending, support personal and business usage policies and use notifications for impending service cutoffs. These limits include total amount spent, service type, international roaming limits, time-of-day and day-of-week restrictions.

"Wireless capabilities are of continued importance to today's companies despite the tough economy," said Mike Manzo, CMO of Openet. "To optimize mobile communications use while adhering to increasingly tight budgets, organizations need their service providers to help them control both personal and business use --resulting not only in optimized corporate budgets, but increased loyalty to wireless operator brands."

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