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Broadband Filters and ADC Drivers Offer High Performance

Wed, 01/14/2009 - 9:43am


Linear Technology introduces its family of five single and dual high performance, wide bandwidth lowpass active filter/ADC driver amplifier products that provide solutions in a small form-factor for filtering applications in broadband wireless communications and signal processing equipment. The filter's lowpass cut-off frequency up to 2.5 MHz and its gain are adjustable via a serial SPI port, or they can be fixed by pin-strapping. Fine frequency control over the 100:1 frequency range can be implemented using an external DAC to vary the device's master reference clock. The LTC6603's programmability, sharp filter roll-off frequency response, along with guaranteed phase and gain performance, make it suitable as a baseband filter for I/Q demodulators in CDMA-2000, W-CDMA and LTE Femto-cell basestations, repeaters, RFID readers, imaging, sonar scan receivers and a range of industrial signal processing instruments.


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