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Auto-Calibration Design Kit Evaluates Sensor Components

Wed, 01/14/2009 - 9:43am

OPTEK Technology has developed an automatic calibration design kit that provides a simplified means of compensating for device-to-device variation in optoelectronic sensors. The OCB100Kit features a driver board with three different optoelectronic circuits to easily calibrate optoelectronic devices, provide a consistent output signal and shorten the design cycle. The OCB100 Series system calibrates reflective, interruptive and special opto sensors to produce a consistent output, eliminating the need to confirm either the LED drive resistance or phototransistor load resistance to provide a steady state condition. Degradation of the LED or phototransistor is compensated for each time the system is calibrated. Optoelectronic devices can be mounted directly to the driver board, or a connectorized configuration to provide for remote mounting can be used.


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