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Multicore DSP Integrates Three 1 GHz Cores on a Single Chip

Tue, 12/30/2008 - 6:42am

Designers that must integrate multiple digital signal processors (DSPs) on a board in order to handle performance-hungry tasks, such as simultaneously processing on multiple channels or executing multiple software applications concurrently, can now realize significant cost, power and board space savings with a new multicore DSP from Texas Instruments Inc. The TMS320C6474 integrates three of TI's TMS320C64x+™ cores running at 1 GHz each on a single die, delivering 3 GHz of raw DSP performance that consumes 1/3 less power at 2/3 less DSP cost over discrete processing solutions. The C6474 provides significant system integration for customers currently utilizing DSP farms for communications infrastructure, medical imaging, military communications and industrial vision inspection end equipments and markets. The device is packaged in a 23 x 23 mm, 561 BGA package.


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