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Embedded LAN Module Connects to 10/100BaseT LANs

Tue, 12/30/2008 - 7:21am

Connect One's Nano LANReach embedded LAN module connects embedded devices to 10/100BaseT LANs via a built-in RJ45 connector. The 2.5-cm × 3.5-cm product offers plug-and-play Serial-to-LAN functionality, enabling transparent bridging of serial data over LAN using a UART while supporting TCP, UDP or SSL tunneling of serial data. The RoHS-compliant unit exhibits a full Internet controller mode, allowing MCUs to use the device’s protocol and application capabilities to perform e-mail, FTP, SSL and embedded Web server operations. The module includes Internet SSL encryption algorithms, serves as an inherent firewall, and possesses USB, SPI and fast UART interfaces. The Nano LANReach supports 10 simultaneous TCP/UDP sockets; two listening TCP sockets; SMTP, MIME, POP3, FTP, Telnet, and HTTP/HTTPS clients; and an HTTP/HTTPS embedded Web server with a Web site for the host application and one for configuring the module.

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