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Generator Shows High Waveform Resolution

Fri, 11/07/2008 - 6:23am
Keithley Instruments’ Model 3390 arbitrary waveform/function generator exhibits 256,000-point 14-bit resolution while offering built-in function generator capability, including sine, square, triangle, noise, and DC. The instrument demonstrates 50 MHz maximum sine wave frequency, 25 MHz pulse frequency with 10 ns minimum width, and precision pulses and square waves with <10 ns rise and fall times. The unit presents a built-in 10 MHz external time base for multiple unit synchronization; built-in AM, FM, FSK, and PWM modulation; and a frequency sweep and burst capability. The device comes with LXI Class C-compliant Ethernet, TMC-compliant USB, and GPIB interfaces, as well as digital pattern output port and control capabilities.

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