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Ranger RRS Series Rectifier Modules

April 25, 2001 7:12 am | Comments

Unipower Telecom's new Ranger RRS Series rectifier modules are hot-swappable and produce 50 amperes at 54.4 V (48 V version) or 100 amperes at 27.2 V (24 V version). These switching modules feature 11 watts per cubic inch power density, and at 3.5 inches high they require only 2 mounting positions of rack space....

Logic Devices

April 24, 2001 12:14 pm | Comments

The MC74VHC1GxxxDFT1 CMOS One-Gate logic devices, are single gate solutions derived from a multi-gate standard logic function. They are packaged in tiny 5-pin SOT-353 (SC-88A) and can fit almost anywhere on a circuit board. They are ideal for improving routing, reducing noise, ground bounce and EMI in high-density circuit designs....

RF Signal Sources

April 24, 2001 12:14 pm | Comments

Nova Engineering's NovaSource is an excellent alternative for replacing expensive RF signal generators. Nova Engineering's NovaSource programmable synthesized RF signal sources are designed to fill the void in the communications industry for small, low cost, and easy to use replacements for signal generators in applications where flexibility and accurate frequency generation is required....


High Frequency Active Filter

April 24, 2001 12:14 pm | Comments

Murata Electronics announced its exclusive offering of the High Frequency (HF) Active Filter, a leaded surface mounted device that creates a higher performance filtering solution for use in next-generation electronics products. The HF Active Filter employs patented high-speed op-amps and advanced thick film technology, which allows flexibility in design, fast turn-arounds of new engineering samples, and ease of smooth migration from simul...

Phase Noise PLL Family

April 24, 2001 12:14 pm | Comments

Cypress Semiconductor introduces its Radio Frequency Phase Lock Loop (RF PLL) product family, featuring low phase noise floor, providing clearer voice and higher throughput for digital data transmission. The CYW23xx product family, which supports frequency outputs ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 GHz, is targeted at communications systems such as broadband networks, RF base stations, wireless local loops, and cellular and cordless phone handsets....

Logarithmic Amplifier

April 24, 2001 12:14 pm | Comments

The AD8310 is Analog Device's logarithmic amplifier (log amp) that detects signals up to 440 MHz in 15 ns, making it well suited for pulse detection and amplitude-shift keying (ASK) modulated waveform demodulation applications such as automotive toll tags, cellular base stations and fiber optic networks....

WLAN Chipset

April 24, 2001 12:14 pm | Comments

Intersil Corporation's PRISM II WLAN chipset, a highly integrated 11 Mbps "Antenna-to-Computer" solution for WLANs, is now in full production and available for sampling. The chipset is completely re-engineered from the original PRISM chipset, with 50 percent lower power consumption and a 35 percent reduction in total bill-of-materials cost for a WLAN card....

Embedded "Wireless Cable"

April 24, 2001 11:29 am | Comments

RangeStar's new V-Pol Omni antenna will make it easy and cost-effective to embed a Bluetooth antenna into any consumer electronics device, including wireless phones, printers, laptop computers and handheld organizers. Bluetooth antennas will enable users to connect these devices via wireless short-range radio links unimpeded by line-of-sight restrictions....


Thermal Interface Material

April 23, 2001 12:21 pm | Comments

W.L. Gore & Associates introduces POLARCHIP™ thermal interface material. This highly compressible, thermally conductive material is ideally suited for filling the undesireable air gaps between heat generating devices on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and the heat sinks, heat spreaders, and metal chassis that are used to dissipate the heat....

RF Component Amplifier Assembly Cell

April 23, 2001 12:21 pm | Comments

Palomar Technologies introduced the Model 3500-II RF Component Amplifier Assembly Cell for precision placement of adjacent die and steady-state heat eutectic processing. Exact positioning of adjacent die allows for the wire bonding of consistent wire loop profiles that are essential to high frequency RF device performance specifications required in microwave, RF and wireless applications....

Ferrite Beads

April 23, 2001 12:10 pm | Comments

Although essential to shielding RF frequencies, small and inexpensive ferrite beads are often overlooked in the design of electronic components-until the last minute. But since ferrite beads are frequency-specific, there are times when manufacturers need a whole lot of them, only to find that they won't be available form their supplier for perhaps months....

e-tenna Corporation

April 19, 2001 12:33 pm | Comments

An Emerging Business of The Titan Corporation The steady stream of innovation in the personal wireless communications market, from cell phones and wireless PDAs to handheld GPS navigators and wireless local area networks, has created a compelling need for a new generation of antennas — antennas that perform well in the presence of scattering and absorbing objects, including the human body....

Weinschel Corporation - An MCE Company

April 19, 2001 5:15 am | Comments

Quality Wireless & Microwave Components & Subsystems Weinschel develops, manufactures, markets, and sells high quality microwave and RF components and subsystems for wireless mobile and broadband infrastucture and test applications. Weinschel's mission is to provide superior design capabilities, products of consistent high quality, innovative solutions, and a high level of service to help its customers compete in today's dem...

Trilithic, Inc.

April 18, 2001 9:33 am | Comments

A leader in RF and Microwave Components And Subsystems Continues Its Growth Advancements in both technology and manufacturing capability are happening more frequently now than at any time in Trilithic's 15-year history. For example, just this year... The company announced formation of a Wireless Division, dedicated exclusively to delivering products tailored for wireless communications applications, and located in an expanded facilit...


April 18, 2001 9:32 am | Comments

A technology leader in micro packaged quartz frequency control products Micro Crystal, Switzerland, a Company of the Swatch Group, is a technological leader in the micro crystal and oscillator industries. Formed in 1978, Micro Crystal began manufacturing SMD and thru hole quartz crystals and oscillators....


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