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Beryllium Oxide Achieves Higher Thermal Conductivity

Mon, 06/16/2008 - 10:52am
Brush Ceramic Products Inc. announced an increase in thermal conductivity over standard beryllium oxide BeO. Called BW3250, the material now delivers thermal conductivity of greater than 325 W/mK at room temperature, an increase of over 15% from the 285 W/mK that was previously obtainable. The benefits in heat dissipation afforded by this advancement will allow devices using BeO to deliver higher RF outputs. The electrical resistivity and dielectric strength of the material is better than AlN, and it is similar to alumina. It has a low dielectric constant of 6.7 and a low loss index of 0.0012 at 1 MHz which addresses the increase in losses that occur as frequency increases. As an oxide ceramic, BeO is very stable in oxygen and moisture-containing environments.

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