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Universal and Affordable Smart Label Chip

Fri, 05/09/2008 - 7:34am
IDS Microchip AG’s recent announcement significantly broadened the scope of affordable automatic data logging RFID applications by bringing to market the samples of its IDS-SL13A smart active label chip. Priced up to 10 times lower than existing RFID temperature-sensing modules, this sophisticated chip for the first time makes it practical to automatically track, monitor, time-stamp and record information about any goods in any supply chain or cold chain transport — from expensive fragile components, medical goods and pharmaceuticals, to bags of bananas — on land, sea or sky. The new IDS-SL13A high-frequency RFID chip enables fast deployment of a wide range of data logging and tracking systems. It can check on and record unseen changes such as extreme temperatures that can impact goods. The chip allows companies to immediately know shipment quality, saving significant time and expense. ISO15693-compliant, it also is appropriate for several other applications such as electronic ticketing of mail, packages and passengers; or tracking hospital patient information without direct physical contact.
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