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Solutions Solve Delay Problems Faced by Satellite and Radio Networks

Mon, 05/05/2008 - 5:06am
Anagran has signed an agreement with HP for the distribution of Anagran high-capacity flow management products to federal, state and local government agencies. The agreement is designed to allow government organizations to protect their networks from overload and ensure the performance and quality of key applications, even over WANs consisting of high-loss, high-delay satellite and radio links. These organizations will also gain from Anagran’s effective real-time management of capacity-hungry applications such as streaming video, P2P, gaming and video-on-demand which consume a greater share of network bandwidth that slows, and sometimes cripples network performance.

  Existing TCP/IP networks were designed to handle last generation applications such as email, Web browsing, and file transfer. As a result, government IT staff faces the challenge of addressing the performance gap between the embedded network technology and the new, more aggressive applications that flood the network. Simply adding routers or bandwidth capacity does not adequately address these problems. Moreover, for government networks that make generous use of satellite, secure cellular, and radio links, excessive transit delay has historically been an especially troublesome challenge.

Anagran’s FR-1000 high-capacity flow manager product was subjected to a battery of tests within the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), which serves customers in the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and other U.S. Government civil agencies and selected commercial markets. Coupled with Anagran’s support of the industry-standard TIA-1039 enhanced signaling protocol for TCP/IP, the FR-1000 displayed reductions in delay over satellite links of over 20:1. The product also proved its ability to selectively rate-manage various traffic types (e.g., VoIP, Video, interactive, bulk) by policies to ensure desired performance and quality, a key requirement in a number of Federal applications.

Anagran products eliminate the TCP traffic jam by filling the performance and quality gap that currently exists between L2/L3 routers and the various popular methods of WAN optimization, including compression, caching, data reduction, and TCP "spoofing." Whether traffic consists of file transfer, video downloads, voice calls or standard data traffic, the FR-1000 ensures the optimal performance of all traffic flows and automatically protects networks from ad-hoc or systemic performance-damaging traffic.

Government organizations interested in acquiring more information about Anagran solutions can contact Vernon L. M. Brokke, Sr., Director of Federal Sales for Anagran at (410) 788-1894,

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