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Dual Small Signal MOSFETs for Portable Electronics

Thu, 05/08/2008 - 11:57am

ON Semiconductor announces three new dual MOSFETs offered in an ultra-small SOT-963 package and optimized for space-constrained portable electronics. Measuring 1.0 × 1.0 mm, the SOT-963 offers 30% smaller mount area than comparable MOSFET solutions offered in a single SOT-723 package and a 60% smaller footprint than SOT-563 devices. With a low vertical clearance of 0.5 mm, the SOT-963 packaged NTUD312x devices satisfy the requirements of the new generation ultra-thin handheld portable devices. The MOSFETs have on-resistance values rated at 1.5 V gate to source to enable operation at low voltage logic level. NTUD3127C is a 20 V, 200 mA/𤪤 mA complementary small signal MOSFET. The NTUD3128N is a 20 V, 200 mA Dual N-Channel MOSFET and the NTUD3129P is a 㪬 V, 𤪤 mA Dual P-Channel MOSFET.

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